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My Approach to Counselling

In my work I am led by the salutogenic approach of Aaron Antonovsky (a medical sociologist).  Instead of asking what makes people sick, he elaborated on factors that lead to resilience, well-being and healthiness.  A crucial factor of healthiness or remaining healthy is the “sense of coherence”.  The more coherent we feel, the more we utilise our resources that enable us to be healthy.    


By focussing on your resources and experience I will assist you to analyse your initial situation and to articulate your needs and your objectives. Possibly you will recognise (behavioural) patterns that limit you and are detriment to your mental, psychological or physiological health.  Such patterns can be addressed and solved.  You will gain a broader perception and (re-)discover elementary methods and strategies to regain your health.  The crucial point is to achieve awareness and to take responsibility for you own actions.  I work with elements of Neuro-linguistic programming, Systemic Therapy  (Insa Sparrer, Matthias Varga von Kibéd and Gunther Schmidt) and Communication Concepts (Marshall Rosenberg and Michael Grinder). My approach will assist you to take actions with a higher level of awareness and to model you own life according to your desires.


Being naturopath and coach I treat diseases and conditions with a holistic view – on a mental, physiological and psychological level.  For enduring positive results disorder patterns like burnout, depression or insomnia need to be addressed on all levels.  

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