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As a diplomat I lived in several countries (South Africa, Mexico, Belgium and the United Arab Emirates) and I have worked for AUDI AG as junior manager in marketing and sales departments.  My studies in political science, economics and international management show my major interest at that time.


A severe illness of a family member opened my path to homoeopathy. During parental leave I studied naturopathy to learn more about the physiology of the human body and possible treatment methods.  My training in homoeopathy and naturopathy forms my understanding of the ability for regeneration of organisms: A system heals from within, from the inside to the outside and not the other way around. 


In  2006 I opened my own medical practice and since then I have supported people in their process of healthiness. Having observed that many symptoms return if the underlying patterns are not addressed, I was increasingly lead into the field of coaching and thus back to businesses and government agencies.  Since 2011 I work as certified Master Coach (DVNLP) and trainer in the field of prevention and health promotion. Since 2016 I head the department “Leadership and Salutogenesis” of INSA Checkup und Prevention and run the INSA office in Berlin.


One constant factor has accompanied me on my path from diplomacy via business to health: I stress the importance of good relations – among cultural groups, among hierarchical levels, among people and finally also between an individual and his body.   


My mother tongue is German, I am fluent in English and I love to converse in French and Spanish.  

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